Thanks for checking out my portfolio. Since 2010 I’ve designed over 1,000 covers, including covers for several New York Times best-selling authors.  I’ve worked with more than a dozen publishers and have also designed for a large number of independently published authors. Below are a few of my designs.

EOM_200x300 HOM_200x300 TC_200x300

BBB_200x300 DWTS_200x300 Hollow_200x300

MOTB_200x300 S_200x300 Treasure_200x300

H-Wolfsbane FE_200x300 AM_200x300

YTT_200x300 CIW_200x300 A_200x300

BHR_200x300 TBO_200x300 SilverTongued_200x300

SS_200x300 HEND_200x300 TWB_200x300

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  1. […] is Jaycee DeLorenzo at Sweet N Spicy Designs. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about her. Dara England is also amazing. You can also check out the Writer’s Cafe at Kindle Boards for recommendations […]

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